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NOW YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN 3D SNOWBOARD RACING GAME! Design your course in the powerful 3D editor. Specify your track design from thousands of combinations. Then customize it by placing jumps, moguls, trees, houses, animations, obstacles and other 3D scenery to create a race course limited only by your imagination! Change the sky, color the snow, or add fog for almost unlimited creations. Even simulate snowboarding on another planet!

The 3D Editor, with its multi-camera views, panning and orbiting allows you to add hundreds of objects of different sizes with lick of a button! Drop 500 moguls instantly. Scale any object to reshape it. Then change its textures with the powerful texture manager. Enter the record mode and set the path and speed of your racing opponents.

Then hop on your snowboard and race down the track of your own design!


  • Powerful 3D Editor
  • Easy to use Track Designer
  • Complete Texture Manager
  • Animation Library
  • Jump Library
  • Residential Library
  • Obstacle Library
  • Miscellaneous Library
  • Texture Library
  • Sky Library
  • Variable Fog Settings
  • Color Filters
  • Day & Night Settings
  • Record Mode for creating Opponent Racers
  • Much More!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98
  • Pentium II 350
  • 2MB Video Ram
  • 32MB RAM
  • 3D Graphics Cad
  • CD-ROM drive

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